Thursday, March 27, 2014


Zara Dress / Target Earrings
This Zara dress is one of my favorite purchases of the year.  I love how romantic it is.  It's also really easy and actually quite different than anything I own.  I got it right before it got cold, so I've worn it mostly layered under huge long sweaters.  It was nice to just throw it on without any hassle.  Like about half of my other Zara purchases I bought it out of necessity.  While walking around in New York it started raining and the clothes I was wearing were way too wet so I decided I'd just pick something new up.  Same story goes for some of my favorite loafers I got after my shoes were completely soaked though when puddles were unavoidable.  In any situation like this my first thought is to run to Zara.  I'm always afraid I'll hate the purchases later and that I was just convinced I loved them because I also needed them, but the opposite always tends to happen.  Maybe it's because I feel indebted to them because they save me from being cold and wet.  Or Zara just rules and I can always find something there I love, I just need a good excuse to spend money.    


Hadrien Leite said...

Very nice outfit!!
Super cool clothes and pics

Scthayn said...

Gorgeous dress. I love how simple and feminine it is <3

Madelynn said...

love these images em! they are so feminine and so you!!


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