Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Almighty Turtleneck

Asos Dress / Diane von Furstenberg Skirt / Forever21 Coat / ShoeMint Heels / J.Crew Bag / Gap Sunglasses
One thing I'll never understand is why more people don't love turtlenecks.  If something has any kind of turtleneck I'm about ninety percent more likely to buy it.  Maybe it's from growing up in the north and knowing that being covered up to your ears really does help fight the cold.  Or maybe it's just my obsessions with the 90's turtlenecks of my youth, especially mock neck halters.  Its one of the things I actually like about winter - more turtlenecks!  If anyone has a sane explanation for hating turtlenecks let me know.

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