Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Antik Batik Dress / Raisins Bikini
It seems like every time I've talked to someone this week the first thing to come up is the weather.  And for good reason.  If you aren't suffering from the freezing cold, you are escaping it.  Even in Florida all everyone talked about was how cold it was there.  The rest of us were talking about how cold it was back home and how happy we were to be missing the extreme temperatures.  We took full advantage of the weather and spent the day at the beach laying in the sun and playing in the ocean.  It was a warm and foggy day the the grey of the ocean just faded into the sky so that the horizon line was blurred until it was barely even there.  It must have been pretty cold for the natives since we were the only ones swimming all day, but I couldn't have happier.  Now that the winter weather advisory has been lifted we have safely returned home.  It might not be eighty five degrees out but at least it's supposed to get above zero tomorrow.

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