Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pattern Block

ShoeMint Shoes / H&M Clutch / Target Sunglasses
I love one piece that has a ton of crazy all on its own.  One simple shift dress . . . two patterns, blocked sleeves, and a half body zip.  The shape and colors keep it simple, but I never really like things too simple so I love the color blocking (pattern blocking?) to add a lot of interest.  These are also the best kind of things for packing.  A whole outfit that takes up almost no room in a suitcase.  This was on a recent trip to Chicago and I did a great job of packing clothing so that they only took up about a fourth of my suitcase, but I still couldn't manage to pair down my shoes which always seem to fill up the rest of the space.  There is just no way to make them smaller.

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