Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hot Pink

Zara Dress / Anastasia Mascara / Make Up For Ever Eyeliner
My make up is almost exactly the same every single day.  Some days I might wear my eyeliner a little different or wear a slightly different shade of eye shadow, but in general it's the same.  My two big changes are usually either when I wear no make up or when I do a bold lip.
I always love when I see the amazing makeup looks on the runway and begin to imagine doing them myself but then when I'm going about my normal day these extreme looks seem much more intense than trying a weird hairdo or loud outfit.
I've been really excited about bright eye make up to the extreme for a while now and have pulled the trigger on it a few times, but not much.  One look I've really loved is colored mascara.  I loved it when I was twelve and I love it now.  My favorite then was blue and still is.  I fell back in love with blue mascara after the Stella McCartney Fall 2012 beauty looks and have actually worn the look quite a few times.  I was also quite enamored with the less easy to pull off pink make up from the Donna Karan Spring 2013 runway but found it much harder to incorporate into my everyday look.  I finally decided to just base everything else off of the hot pink eyes.  A simple sheath, undone wet hair and barely any other makeup.  I doubt I'll ever finish my tube of pink mascara, but it's definitely fun to have around.
I highly recommend Anastasia or Dior (which is what I have for my blue) for colored mascaras.  I have found them to be more highly saturated than other brands and cover more heavily.


That's Monique said...

Cool make up! I used the blu mascara by Dior too! It's amazing!!! :)


Joe Beverly said...

Don't care for the pink eyeliner, but that second shot of you is gorgeous! Wonderful sex appeal . . .

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