Saturday, August 3, 2013

High Blue

Raisins Bathing Suit
There are always those days during summer when it's so hot and humid the air conditioning can't seem to keep up.  These are the days I always want to be at the beach.  Last year I found this tiny waterfall and that leads into a little wading pool and stream that is just perfect.  It's completely shaded so always about ten degrees which cooler and there's almost never anyone there so I can just lounge around in peace.
Swimwear is kind of a love hate relationship for me.  I always find I love either the top or the bottom or I love the print but not the cut.  This year I found this Raisins high waisted bikini right before I was about to give up my search and just stick with the same suits I'd been wearing for the last five years.  It couldn't be much more perfect.

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