Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Natalie Joos x DVF

Over the last 24 I had seen two photos of the photo shoot Natalie Joos did at Diane von Furstenburg's Connecticut estate and I knew I was going to love it.  After seeing the second photo I couldn't wait to get home and see the whole story.  The images were so striking yet playful.  After taking it all in I am so excited and inspired.
The whole shoot takes place on the amazing estate. Natalie Joos was given full access to all of Diane's archives and current pieces.  The result is cinematic shots that will make you want to take to the country with all of your most fabulous friends and clothes for the weekend.
Don't miss the full story over at Natalie's site Tales of Endearment.  It does an amazing job of capturing Diane's spirit and showcases Natalie's fun styling.

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