Monday, July 15, 2013

Dealing with Copies

MNG by Mango Dress / Target Belt / Anthropologie Sunglasses / Report Shoes / Urban Expressions Clutch
Something I've never really seen a problem with is low end retailers making products that take their inspiration from runway collections and high fashion in general.  It just makes sense to me.  These places like (Target or H&M for example) are about mass production.  Their business is not one of the high fashion house, their business is making trends available to the mass public.  Every once in a while, though, I'll be out and see a piece is practically a direct knock off of popular high end piece and feel that it was taken too far.  It was no longer inspired by a collection or a distinct item, but just ripped off.  These are typically the pieces I won't buy.  I also think that when it is so similar all that stands out is that what you are wearing or carrying is not the original anyway.
This dress was one of the few times I have felt on the fence about whether or not it was too close to the original.  The black and white Hawaiian floral print with red embroidered detail is taken straight from the Isabel Marant SS 2013 collection. While it isn't a direct copy of any one item in the collection you definitely look at and it and think "Oh yeah, that supposed to be an Isabel Marant".
Almost directly after deciding the dress was ok and buying it I read a piece on Camille Charrière's blog Camille Over the Rainbow on Zara's version of Balenciaga's latest collection.  In her post she brings up an interview with Nicolas Ghesquière and his opinion on mass retailers making copies of his work and knowing that most people will be wearing these copies, not the real thing.  He says this is not a problem to him.  That "when it's distribution on that scale, it's about successful business and nothing else; their role is to make fashion more accessible."  Now, I know others may have differing opinions, but I was glad to know that at least one person out there in the high fashion world had a similar opinion to mine on the matter.  And it calmed by fears that this particular dress might be over the line, which I am happy about because I do love it and no one wants to feel guilt about wearing a pretty dress.
The whole interview with Ghesquière was really good and very interesting, as is Charrière's take on it all.  I recommend checking them both out.

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