Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Study in Leather

Bar III Top / H&M Skirt / Lulu Townsend Heels / Kate Spade Clutch / Vintage Sunglasses
 If there is one thing I cannot get enough of it is leather.  I love how many different shapes, colors, and silhouettes leather pieces come in now.  There's something about an all leather look that just kills me.  Especially when it comes in more unexpected items like a long a-line skirt and a tee.


mymyitsmegan said...

I absolutely love your look :) I've never seen someone wear leather on leather like this before. Again, lovely look!

(I'm a fairly new blogger, so if you have any advice for blogging I'd love to hear it :) Thanks!)

erto said...

Totally leathered up. HOT! ;)

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