Sunday, May 5, 2013

Loving Another Feather

The Another Feather jewelry line is one that I've had my eye on for a while now and admired online but had never actually got any pieces from.  This last weekend the line's creator Hannah Ferrara was in town for a Kinfolk event and I was lucky enough to get to see a bunch of her pieces in person and have a little shopping party.  The line was even more amazing than I had thought and I could have gotten so many things.  I ended up coming away with this arc bangle and I could wear it every day.  It can feel really feminine or modern and  geometric or simple and rustic depending on how it's worn and what it's worn with.  That is my favorite thing about Hannah's line.  It is never too much of anything.  I really think anyone could find something that they love.  All the girls I was with that day found something (in not many things) they had to take home and we all have such different, distinct styles. I'm super excited to build up my collection of Another Feather jewelry.  I love the simplicity of my one bangle and the interest it holds alone, but I also love the way her jewelry plays together when you wear multiple pieces.  It also helps that Hannah was one of the sweetest and smartest girls ever.  

Photo by Emily Suzanne from Another Feather

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