Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fade Out

Forever 21 Dress / J.Crew Jacket / Vintage Sweater / Carlos Boots / Target Sunglasses / Zara Purse
So this is what happens when you forget to change any settings on your camera and don't check what the photos look like at all.  Sorry about there not being great detail, and the fact that you barely get to see any of the amazing scenery, but I actually king of like how these photos look so I wanted to share them anyways.  This is also probably one of my favorite outfits for a day of traveling.  It was so comfortable and had good light layers but was still cool.
Also, this was my first trip to California since I was little and I couldn't believe how nice all of the people were.  It was incredible.  Especially the employees at the Starbucks off the highway in San Luis Obispo.  Seriously.

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