Thursday, January 24, 2013

Below Zero

BCBG Coat / Express Scarf / Target Shoes
I feel like all I've heard about for the last week is how cold it is and for once I don't mind because it's actually valid.  It's freezing.  When it finally got above zero I felt able to stay outside long enough to take photos.  Still, it's so cold.  When it gets like this I always feel like you should make your outerwear an outfit.  Embrace winter accessories.  It takes so long to warm up after going inside anyways I rarely end up taking my jacket off.  My regular go to items are faux fur accessories like this scarf.  They make a great statement and add so much but most importantly fur keeps me warmer than anything else.  Functional and pretty.  This light pink trench coat is perfect as well.  The cut is so feminine, it practically functions like a dress.  Even with pretty jackets and teal fur accessories I'm glad the forecast is looking up.  I'm not sure how much more sub zero I can take.  I hope everyone out there is staying warm!  As hard as I try I'm definitely not.

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