Thursday, December 20, 2012

Flowers in a Winter Wonderland

ASOS Jacket / J.Crew Top / Rachel by Rachel Roy Skirt / Gap Sunglasses
I just got home for Christmas and it is the most beautiful white winter wonderland.  Everything is covered in frost in a way that I've only ever seen happen at home.  There was so much frost it started falling off in sheets.  The bright sun glaring off the snow makes all the frost sparkle so bright.  It's just stunning.  I loved the juxtaposition of all the floral against the frosty background.  And a sweet dog always brightens my day and makes a shoot about one hundred times better.  She is so sweet bounding around outside in the snow.


Lindsey said...

Pretty photos!

Joe Beverly said...

Lovely as you are, I'm still having a hard time with mixed prints. Maybe, one day, I'll come around . . . : )

Scthayn said...

I love these photos. You look so gorgeous, and dont get me started on that pup ;)

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