Saturday, July 14, 2012

target fashions

Target Top (Similar), Vest (Similar), Sunglasses (Similar), Ring and Shorts / Lauren by Ralph Lauren Shoes (Similar) / J. Crew Purse (Similar)
Target is one of my favorite discount stores.  They do a great job of keeping up on fun trends and their products don't look like they are poor quality even though they are so cheap.  And, I really love the convenience of picking up a new pair of sunglasses while I go grocery shopping, too.  This summer they have really had a ton of great pieces.  The clothing seems to be a little better quality, while the prices have stayed the same.  I was also really impressed that this vest has lasted me as long as it has since I've had it for quite a few years.  I haven't bought this many pieces from Target in a long time, especially when it isn't a designer collaboration.  I'm really excited that Target seems to be doing really great and having awesome designs.  Overall, I've been super impressed lately.

I also wanted to update everyone on the status of my blog updates.  The error that occurred on my blog is irreversible.  Essentially all of the photos on my blog were deleted.  While I probably won't repost every single one, I do plan on slowly building back my old posts.  The most recent posts from the last few months will all be back on the blog as fast as I can get them on and I may add some of the older ones back as well in time.  I thank you all for sticking with me through the chaos and the extremely pared down version of my blog for the time being.  

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