Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Search of Great Skin

Eminence Stone Crop Starter Kit
Good skin can be a girl's best accessory, but it's not as easy as purchasing the newest it bag.  I've always had problems with blemishes and combination skin.  The hardest thing for me to realize was that my breakouts were actually even more irritated by the harsh acne medication I was using.  For my skin, the more gentle and natural the product the better.  The best thing I have ever used is Eminence.  Almost everyone in my family uses it.  My favorite is the the Stone Crop line.  It's what introduced me to Eminence and what I always seem to go back to.  While it is at a higher price point than I would like it's better than constantly buying new products because they aren't working.  
The most important thing though is to realize that what might seem like the right option might not be the best for your skin.  It's good to shop around a little and figure out your skin instead of sticking to something that isn't working because it has worked for other people.  

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